Sunday, June 3, 2007

Next stop was the Ming tomb. It was a very peaceful place, and very beautiful. Again the details were amazing! We saw some incredible artifacts. For some reason these pictures wont upload, so I will have to try later!
Next stop was lunch. It was pretty good, a chicken dish with a peanut sauce, and a soup and dumplings… then some fried rice, it was not dark like at home, but it had a ton fried eggs, it was good. I was pleased that I didn’t have too much trouble with the food. This was also at a shop that had all sorts of stuff to buy. This was the place that Chin told me not to buy anything… and there was a lot to buy.

Final stop was coming up.. the great wall. OK let me just say, this is an amazing place. I could not believe how much effort that had to go into building this wall… by hand… in the place that we went, the wall was on a mountain, and not just a hill, but a very steep mountain. I tried my best to scale the wall, climbed up about ¾ of the way to the first tower, but it was just too much for me, I am in such bad shape. I have many pictures and some are below. It is hard to put into words, probably will be easier to talk about in person. My legs are killing me, it was so hard to get up to the top, I will be sore tomorrow!

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Anyways, back home I came to write this up… Again, a great day, a great tour… until tomorrow…


Safety Pup said...

That sounds like fun! I like the blog, it is almost like riding along in your luggage!

brandon said...

I would prefer to ride on your back.