Saturday, June 2, 2007

6/2/2007 – 1:15 PM Local Time – About 35,000 feet above the South China Sea

Well, my exhaustion took its tool on me last night.. I went to Outback for dinner, something safe, you know and had my old standby, Alice Springs Chicken, yum. It was pretty decent, but I was so tired I don’t think I enjoyed it all that much! Anyway, after a brief attempt at walking around the mall that is right there next to the hotel, I went back to my room, did a little computer surfing and got into bed…at about 7 PM! I figured it was a little crazy, but hey I was zonked! I ended up sleeping very well, I woke up a couple of times during the night, but was able to get back to bed without much issue… I ended up getting out of bed around 5AM, which at that point I had a better level of energy. I did a little email from work and got ready to leave. Traffic was nothing like yesterday, and it was an easy drive to the airport. Ended up getting to check in with the premium lounge, so that was nice as it kept me from having to stand in a long line. After checking in, I went to the business lounge for Air China, and sat until time to board. Security is different in Singapore, they check you through immigration, check you passport etc, and then send you into the terminals. At that point, you are free to roam wherever… Now when it is time to board, you go to the gate and there is a security checkpoint at the gate, at every gate. This means that there are no mass lines to go through the security scanner which makes things a bit easier if you ask me. The Air China flight has been pretty good so far, not as nice as some of the overseas flights, but it is OK in an older sort of way. Everything on the entertainment has been in Cantonese or Chinese, although most have English subtitles. Lunch was interesting, started out with a Salmon patty with an half of a boiled quails egg. It was followed by a chicken dish with Chinese sausage, not sure what that is, and probably don’t really want to know! They are actually showing a movie in English now, Charlotte’s Web. Oh well, only 2 hours to go in this flight and then I am looking towards a true adventure in China! Well until next time! Brian

Here are some pictures from the flight, I think we were just about to cross Hong Kong, but I didn’t know that until well after I took these pictures…

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