Thursday, May 31, 2007

6/1/2007 – 2:00 PM Local Time – Singapore, Singapore

OK, I am officially tired, very tired. I figure I have to figure out how to stay awake until say 9 PM tonight, so that is 6-7 hours. Enough whining, it isn’t that productive! Well, it took 30 hours of travel, but I am here at my first destination (albeit it a short say here). I am here for less than 24 hours before flying out to China. The EVA flight was very nice, as it was on the main flight. They really fed us to much food, and I think that is causing some of my icky feeling right now. I lucked out and was able to watch the end of that movie I mentioned before, as well as Wild Hogs and part of a movie about Richard H?, brain is so fried that I can’t even remember the name or who it was, but it was about a guy that was spying for the Russians… it was a bit slow, but I think it was about to pick up as we had to land. I went ahead and shared a taxi with a guy that I rode all the way from Houston with who worked for Weatherford. Pretty nice guy, I have to send him a picture I took of him in Taipei. The taxi ride was good, if not a bit long for my taste, I was really starting to feel a bit quezzy by the end of the trip to the hotel! So here I am, I got cleaned up, changed my clothes and am sitting here watching some TV. I think I will probably make life simple and go to Outback for dinner since it is right next to the hotel. It is raining now, so I think I am going to stay in, at least for the time being. So, in summary… It is a long way here, but it has been a good trip so far… Until later! BriDog

PS. Some pictures from the hotel of the view (during the rain) for your viewing pleasure... probalby will have better Singapore pictures later in the trip!

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