Thursday, May 31, 2007

5/30/07 - 3:30 PM Local Time – Tulsa Oklahoma, USA

OK so I didn’t do such a hot job of documenting my travels last time. It is kind of a shame, because looking back on the notes I made, I remembered adventures I had made, fun that I had, and all the other niceties that came with a trip half way around the world. Well, here I am, once again, one the verge of another trip to that part of the world. This time alone. Since I last left you, I have traveled abroad to Europe, on a trip to Aberdeen Scottland and Stavanger Norway. That was a fun trip, again with the above mentioned supervisor, Dan. This time, however, I have decided that I am ready to venture out on my own, make a trip half way around the world by myself. Boy, I don’t know what I have gotten myself into! I think the more you make these flights the easier it becomes. In fact, although I am a bit nervious that my nicest clothes are going to be somewhere in the belly of an aircraft, out of my control for the next, oh 31 hours making me nervious, I am feeling pretty calm. Next step is Houston, only a 1.5 hour flight, so that is not too bad, then it is a hop to LAX before heading on. I am going to endeavor to write more this time, maybe even set up a blog site and post it to myspace to see if anybody looks… hey is anybody looking? But either way, I am already missing home but looking forward to an adventure… Until later… BriDog


brandon said...

You almost snuck it by me, but I caught your blog and look forward to reading the rest this morning.

Barbie said...

Well said.