Thursday, May 31, 2007

6/1/2007 – 6:15 AM Local Time – Taipei, Taiwan ROC

Well, I made it to Taipei, and am awaiting my flight to Singapore in about 1 hour. The flight from Houston to LA was OK, but nothing special. I would have expected more from First Class in the US, but it was not very good at all. The seats were bigger and more leg room, so that was nice, but they didn’t even feed us, which was not a good thing, because like a silly boy, I didn’t eat before getting on the plane, so I was starving on the way over. The transfer to EVA in LA was a little bit of a challenge. We had to get out of the terminal that we were in (which was all United and a little Continental) and then hunt around to find the International Terminal. It was a bit of a challenge, but after about a ten min walk we made it to the terminal. I guess part of a low cost airline is not having a nice terminal, and in LA it was not all that nice! But the plane was great! I would say that it was the new one that I saw on the internet, thus it must have been put in service only 2 weeks earlier. It even smelled new! The crew was nice, the food was pretty good, the blankets were better than any other ones that I have had on an airline. The entertainment was pretty good (even had touch screens!) but was a bit light on entertainment geared to us Yankees. Dinner consisted of a Ham and Gorgonzola cheese starter, followed by a beef tenderloin and fruit for a dessert. It was pretty good. After dinner I got about 5 hours of sleep, so that was pretty good. Woke up and watched Norbit (Eddie Murphy flick) which was cheesy but pretty good, and then I watched Letters from Iwo Jima. It was really good, and made me think about how silly war is… at least in some circumstances. I had a snack of noodles, which were so spicy that they really burnt my mouth,… I guess the flight attendant noticed and took pity on me and got me a nice toasted cheese and ham sandwich, which was good. I played some games, watched about ¾ of a foreign language film called Happy Birthday, I am a little disappointed I didn’t get to finish the film! Maybe it will be on there when I come back. Oh well… I better get ready to go get on the plane, this one is about 4-4.5 hours flight, should be in there by noon, so that will be good. Until then… BriDog

Here is proof I was there... at least some level of proof!

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